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Dad is home!

July 17, 2013

Dad is home! When he told us a couple of days ago that the doctors said he could go home, I was a little reluctant to take his word for it because I knew he was keen to go home and chances are he would have begged the doctors to let him go. Last time dad was in hospital with kidney issues, they released him early because ‘he strongly insisted he was fine and wanted to go home’, that’s what was written on his report. In any case, they gave him the go ahead and he is now happily sitting on the couch watching The Simpsons. He is very happy to be home while I’m nervous that he’s home because I know he’s going to be a little difficult. Dad and I have a chat last night about the food he should and shouldn’t be eating and he assured me that he would follow all the instructions they have given him.  He needs to be careful to only eat soft foods for the first few weeks so what does he snack on when he gets home – popcorn. Yes, popcorn. I’ve read and re-read the instructions they gave him and haven spoken to him at length about it, but I just don’t think he’s taking it all in.

In any case, it’s good to have him home. He’s lost weight already just from the surgery, so I can imagine how much weight he will lose over the next few months due to the lack of food he’ll be taking in. Looking at him, you don’t notice it too much until you look at his face. Very noticeable in the face but the more weight he looses the better. He’s been on the tubby side for a while and as a result has type 2 diabetes, cholesterol problems, heart disease, so this will help him to get healthy and hopefully rid him of some of the diabetes and cholesterol issues. One of the blessings of him getting cancer and having the surgery is that it’s forcing him to be healthier. Dad comes from a family of big eaters and all four of us in my family are big eaters and have struggled with being a little heavy at some point, so I understand how hard it can be to drop some kilos. The fortunate thing in this case is that dad has essentially had an extreme gastric banding, so his appetite will start to get smaller, meaning he will eat less and get healthier by default. Bring it on!

 On a slightly more selfish note, no more driving back and forth to the hospital! No more driving around Liverpool hospital trying to find a parking spot. While I’m going to have to drive dad around to his appointments, at least I’m going to have some time to focus on things I need to do. No more siting in the hospital listening to sick people scream, cry or vomit. I spent the other night trying to block out the blood curdling screams of one of the patients. No more hospital smell. No more sitting in uncomfortable chairs. No. More. Hospital!!! WOOOHOO!

God Bless xx





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