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More reasons to smile

July 6, 2013

We got the news that dad is completely cancer free post surgery, so there is no need for chemo. Thank. You. Lord! Humbled again by God’s favor and grace. It’s such a relief knowing he doesn’t need to go through chemo. I know it would have been tough on dad and would have taken a huge toll on him. He was afraid of going through chemo more than surgery, so this is definitely a blessing. He’s still in hospital however they are happy with how things are coming along. They did an ultrasound for him the other day and were happy with the way his stomach – or what is now his stomach – has held together since surgery so they will attempt to orally feed him in the next few days. When I got to the hospital today they were removing one of the tubes out of his stomach and dad was in agony! Despite the morphine, he was still feeling some pain, so I don’t want to imagine what he would have been feeling without it. But I keep telling dad that this is temporary and he will soon be out of pain. Plus, he is now cancer free, so this is a small price to pay in comparison. 

All in all he is doing well, he’s up and about more and more, showering himself and going for walks through the corridor, getting in and out of bed on his own. All very positive signs however the challenge we are having with dad is that because he is on so much morphine – due to the level of pain they are giving him an hourly baseline shot as well as the morphine he presses for – its hard to tell if what he is saying is true or if it’s the morphine speaking. He mentioned an incident to me the other day and I called the nurse to ask about it and she said it never happened.  That’s happened a few times so we are at the point where we double check everything dad tells us. I feel bad for the nurses because they are doing a great job with him but we keep having to ask them to confirm what, if anything, happened. But, we have to do it, which I’m sure they understand. Speaking of the nurses, they are amazing, especially considering how difficult dad can be when he is in pain (which most people are but dad takes the man flu to whole new level!). Previously when dad was at another hospital I had to step in a few times and ask the nurses to do things that should have already been done or ask them to be a little nicer to him because they were being rude or rough with him. People carry on about the staff in public hospitals but the team at Liverpool is amazing. They are clearly under staffed and dealing with some difficult patients, but they still do their job with a smile on their face and with care. The other night one of the patients in dads room lost control of his bowls – he seemed to be paralysed from the neck down. It was not pleasant and what made it worse was that this poor man knew what was happening and wasn’t able to control it. When the nurses came in to clean him up the second time, he was almost in tears telling them what had happened. He was distraught and ashamed by it and the nurses just loved on him. I could hear them telling him “it’s ok, don’t be upset, most people in your position experience similar situations. This is totally normal”. They were cheerful, joking with him, singing songs while they worked around him until he was settled down. There was no condemnation or embarrassment. Once they finished with him they came back and looked after everyone else with the same care and respect. It broke my heart listening to this man tearfully tell them what happened but I was so in awe of these nurses that just treated him with so much care and respect. Peopel will say ‘it’s their job’, and it is, but they are being such a blessing to their patients by doing their job with such love and care. I will definitely be sending a thank you card and flowers when dad is out.


Overall, things are good and we are on the home stretch. I’m tired but we will only need to keep this up for another week or 2, than dad will come home. Once he comes home I can get some rest and start to focus on my studies again, which have taken a backseat. I’m struggling to read the newspaper, let alone read through counselling notes, so no point even attempting to study. In a few more weeks, everything will go back to normal…. just need to hold on for a few more weeks. 

God bless xx


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