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He made it through!

June 28, 2013

Dad made it through the surgery last night. Thank you Lord! We had a long wait but the surgeon finally came out around 8:30 pm to advise that dad had got through and he was happy with the outcome. He told us dad isn’t out of the woods yet as this next week will determine if his new stomach will hold, but on the whole, its looking positive. Once the surgeon finished talking mum asked him if she could hug him, which he said yes to but I think he may have gotten a little embarrassed. God bless him. I don’t know how surgeons do it, he had a surgery in the morning that went longer than he thought it would and then went straight into dads surgery. I would imagine that removing someone’s stomach is no easy task, so I take my hat of to people like him.


In any case, we all relaxed after that. We each sat quietly, thanking God in our own ways. I had been emotional on an off through the day and all I wanted was to cry but I held myself back because I knew if I started crying, I would likely end up bawling like a 2 year old in the corner. If I lost my emotions, mum surely would, so I buried my head in my book while we waited for dad to be moved to ICU. That was another 2 wait. (I think I’ve mentioned that waiting and patience are not my biggest strengths!). In any case, around 11 pm they called us in and I told Shad to go in with mum to see him first as they only allow 2 people at a time. I sent him in first for a couple reasons; firstly, the surgeon warned us pre surgery that when dad came out he would have about 4-5 tubes connected to his stomach to drain him out, along with numerous other tubes and needles hanging out of him, so I wasn’t sure how mum would react to that. If she fainted, Shad had a better chance of holding her up than me. Secondly, I would be able to get a sense of things from Shad’s facial expression as he came out, that way I knew how to be when I walked in to mum and dad.  After doing the hygine routine and wearing the attractive robe they give you, I finally got to see dad and the poor bloke looked awful. He was puffed up from the morphine and had that many tubes and needles hanging out of him that he looked like something from a sci-fi movie. It was not pretty and it was hard seeing him like that. He was in and out of consciousness but the good news is that in the moments that he came too, he saw us above him and we were able to talk to him and tell him we loved him. We promised him that when he came around he would see us and that was as close as we could get to honouring that promise.  We said our goodbyes and went home. 

We called the hospital this morning and they said he is doing well but is in a lot of pain – I think he keeps forgetting that he has a pain button next to him – but overall is doing well, which is awesome. We are now getting ready to head up to see him for a little while as they have told us we can’t hang around as they don’t want him having visitors. So time for round 2!


God bless x


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