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A day of waiting…then waiting some more

June 27, 2013

A day of waiting...then waiting some more

Today has been a long & draining day. We are the hospital at 7 am than sat around waiting for dad to get called in. We had a moment of concern when they came out & say they may not be able to find a bed for him, despite booking his surgery in 3 weeks ago. But, after eaiting around, eating, waiting some more, dozing off & running out to put money in the parking meter 4 times, they finally, thank The Lord, called him in at about 1pm. We prayed with him, waved him off & then just stood there staring at each other. This cancer thing was now all too real. We spoke to the nurses who told us to go home cause surgery would take between 5-7 hrs, so we took mum home to get some rest. That planned didn’t work out cause mum turned into a tornado & started madly cleaning, which was her way of keeping busy, so I let her be.

It’s almost 7 pm and we are still waiting. We’re in the intensive care reception & there is a gentleman with his elderly mum sitting opposite me waiting – he arrived at 8 am this morning and spent most of the day here too. I’m getting claustrophobic with all the people around me, there is too many people staring anxiously at the receptionist waiting for her to tell them their loved one has made if through. I tell mum I’m going outside for a walk & thankfully she is caught up in her prayer book. I need to get out of here cause its getting hard to breathe.

I’m sitting on the stair railing typing this on my phone to keep my brain from getting fried. 7:02 pm and counting. Time to wait some more


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